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The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc.
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Go home from church weekly feeling empowered and inspired, ready to face the week ahead with victory, faith and determination!

You cannot find a warmer, more loving, more welcoming church in all of Dallas! We believe in the move of God.  We believe in the power of His Word.  We believe in miracles and the awesome authority of Jesus name!  We believe prayer changes things, and in worship that originates in our spirit and is inspired by the Spirit of our living God.  If you can love everyone who loves our Lord, without criticism, condemnation, and judgment - you will love our church!  Come join us this weekend and see if church can't be a place you are excited to be each Sunday!  We'll be so glad to have you with us!

If you have been looking for a church that can love without conditions and where the power of God is present week after week, come on in to Grace Oasis!

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. - John  13:35

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We reject the politics and policies of hate, fear, and division.

Grace Oasis/The ONE Church in Christ Jesus emphatically renounces and condemns recent developments within our country which have led to a startling rise in negative, malicious, and violent actions on the part of ungodly individuals who now feel empowered and encouraged to act out upon their racist, homophobic, and xenophobic impulses.  The United States of America has been divided by certain public figures who seek only to attain power and bring glory to themselves.  Although we happily identify as a Bible-believing ministry, we do NOT identify as Fundamentalist.  We do not support or endorse ANY ministry, no matter how well known or popular, that engages in political manipulation and secular, political involvement specifically tied to parties, policies, or platforms.   It is our conviction that contemporary  Evangelical and/or Fundamentalist Christianity is not at all representative of true, biblical, historically accurate Christianity.  We believe in and encourage the love of our neighbors, good citizenship, and compassion as the primary rules for any healthy society.  We do not believe that any faith, including our own, should dominate the world of secular government.  Jesus Christ made it abundantly clear that that which pertained to government and that which pertained to God were not to be confused or mingled ("My kingdom is not of this world").  We, as Christians, are happy to embrace any and all who walk through the doors of our fellowship with genuine love, compassion, and understanding.  We encourage all our members to embrace a good, bible-based, moral and ethical life while rejecting the divisive and malicious spirits and influences prevalent within our world which seek only to divide and destroy.