The ONE Church In Christ Jesus regularly ministers to thousands of people all over the globe by reason of our extensive websites and video ministries.  Our video channels alone garner approx 8,000-10,000 views monthly.  Many of these people do not have a church like ours that they can attend and benefit from, so they become extended members of our church family by way of the Internet.  We provide a message of hope, healing, and reconciliation for people who have been made to believe that God is not at all interested in them.  Help us reach, encourage, and inspire those who have simply been ostracized, abandoned or ignored...
We welcome your kind and generous support!  The vast majority of those whom we minister to do not support our ministry financially. We invest a great deal of time, energy, effort and finance every month so we can provide preaching, teaching, and inspiration via the web to those who may otherwise not have access to sound, Biblical, Christ-Centered, Affirming Christian theology.  God bless you for your consideration in support of this important, far reaching  and unique work!   Members and friends of this ministry may contribute to our work here online, or by mailing a financial contribution (Tithe and/or Offering) to:

The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc.
5445 N. Jim Miller Rd
Dallas, TX 75227

Phone:                        (214)  462-5979

Pay-Pal or A Credit/Debit Card:
Chase "Quick Pay"

Do you bank with Chase?   Chase Bank now offers "Chase Quick Pay" which allows money to be sent through Chase to other Chase accounts using only a phone number and/or email address.  To make a donation to The ONE Church via Chase Quick Pay, our Email address is and phone is (214) 462-5979  

Click this link to be taken to Chase's Internet banking website!     This is a preferred way to donate as the donation is received much more quickly and there are no fees charged for this service, neither to the donor or to the church.
Pastor Charles Curtiss
The ONE Church In Christ Jesus, Inc.
Address:  5427 Philip Ave, Dallas TX 75223       (214) 462-5979
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